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By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
April 26, 2022
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Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley helps patients with foot pain in Naperville, IL. Keep reading about the common causes of foot pain, and come see us if you are in pain.

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Your feet are under a lot of pressure to get you around. They take a lot of impact every day and you're bound to have some aches and pains, especially after heavy activity. But if you're having concentrated or persistent foot pain you should see your podiatrist. Foot pain is common and can be caused by a number of conditions and injuries, including:

  • Achilles tendonitis is a common overuse injury
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions form on the side of the big toe and can be painful
  • Sprains and strains
  • Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain and is common in people who spend all day on their feet
  • Heel Spurs

These are some of our most common complaints. If you have symptoms of any of these conditions or pain in your foot your podiatrist in Naperville, IL can help.

Treating Your Foot Pain

Treating foot pain in Naperville, IL, begins with a comprehensive exam. If you've never seen a podiatrist we will ask about your family's medical history, so come to the appointment with as much information as you can. Your podiatrist may ask to see your shoes, so wear or bring the ones you use most often.

Doctor's recommendations will depend on your diagnosis. If you are in pain while walking, your doctor will likely recommend changing your footwear to something comfortable with a supportive arch and large toe box. Restrictive footwear can cause foot pain and bunions.

Custom foot orthotics worn in the shoes help align the bones in your foot as you walk to relieve pain. Physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your feet could be another recommendation. Sometimes surgery is recommended to repair fractures or remove a large bunion. We will find the right solution for you to get you back on your feet and feeling your best.

Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley is here for you when you're suffering from foot pain in Naperville, IL. To make an appointment with Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski, contact us at (630) 778-7670.

By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
April 12, 2022
Category: Foot Conditions
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How your podiatrist in Naperville, IL, can help you get relief from plantar fasciitis pain

Plantar fasciitis is a common and very painful condition among runners and joggers. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience plantar fasciitis. Non-athletes develop the condition too. Your podiatrist has several effective ways to treat plantar fasciitis and can help you get back on your feet.

Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley in Naperville, IL, provides comprehensive podiatry services, including treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Your heels have a thick band of tissue running across them. This band of tissue is called the plantar fascia, and it can become inflamed, causing plantar fasciitis. You can develop the condition if you:

  • Overpronate, or roll your feet when you walk
  • Carry excess weight
  • Have flat feet
  • Walk or stand on hard surfaces for long periods

Plantar fasciitis causes:

  • Sharp, stabbing pain in your heel and the side of your foot
  • Increasing heel pain when you first wake and try to stand
  • Increasing heel pain with activity

If you have mild symptoms, you can:

  • Place an ice pack on your heel several times each day
  • Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Do gentle arch stretches several times each day
  • Wear more supportive shoes

If you have moderate to severe symptoms that aren’t relieved with home remedies, you need to see your podiatrist, who may recommend:

  • Physical therapy and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility
  • Custom-made orthotics and footwear for better support and cushioning of your feet
  • Prescription anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling
  • Cortisone injections

To learn more about the causes and treatment of plantar fasciitis and which treatment might be best for you, call Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley in Naperville, IL. You can reach her in the office by calling (630) 778-7670, so call now.

By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
February 09, 2022
Category: Foot Conditions
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Foot pain can occur anywhere in the foot and it can be extremely devastating to deal with. It can be difficult to walk or feel comfortable doing daily activities. If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, foot pain can compromise that and interfere with different aspects of your life. Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley in Naperville, IL, can help diagnose your foot pain and get you feeling comfortable on your feet again.

Figuring Out Your Foot Pain

Foot pain isn’t something that should be totally ignored. If you find that it’s hard to stand or participate in your normal life, you should talk to your podiatrist in Naperville, IL, about what could be causing your foot pain. Once you figure out the cause, you’ll be able to start treatment and feel whole again.

Foot pain can occur anywhere on the foot and can be caused by numerous issues. If you’re dealing with heel pain, it’s usually caused by plantar fasciitis, which can cause the foot to feel sore and tight. If it’s hard to put weight on your foot and the pain shoots up your leg, it could be the issue of a sprained ankle. You may have pain on the side of your feet from bunions or in the arch of your foot.

No matter what the pain is, it shouldn’t be ignored. When pain is ignored, it can get worse and cause further problems that can be more difficult to treat. The sooner that you address foot pain, the easier it usually is to treat.

Contact Your Podiatrist Today!

Don’t let your foot pain go ignored. Contact Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley in Naperville, IL, to talk about foot pain and find out what is causing yours. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment at (630) 778-7670 today!

By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
January 20, 2022
Category: Foot Conditions
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Bunions cause pain with every step. Luckily, relief in Naperville, IL isn't far away.

Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley specializes in treatment and pain management. Bunions get progressively worse over time. Although surgery is required in severe cases, there are both in-patient and at-home treatment options to help alleviate some of the pain.

With this goal in mind, Dr. Nancy Jagodzinksi and her team discuss seven ways to relieve bunion symptoms.

What is a bunion?

The first step is diagnosis. Bunions are common, structural deformities that occur in the big toe and its joint. The first metatarsal, which is the foot bone that connects to the big toe, is forced inward toward the body. This pushes the bone outward, resulting in a bony protrusion at the base of the toe. These make walking and other daily activities difficult.

At-home remedies

When suffering from bunions in Naperville, IL, contact a podiatrist. If the symptoms aren't yet severe, a doctor may suggest one of the following alternatives first.

  • Find better footwear. A primary cause of bunions is tight or restrictive shoes. These put added pressure on the bones in the foot. Select shoes that have a wide, comfortable toe area. For women, the condition may become worse when wearing high heels.
  • Add inserts. Extra padding may also do the trick. Foam or gel inserts aid in realignment while increasing support. While a doctor may recommend a particular product, most drug stores offer a wide range of choices.
  • Take medication. Some over-the-counter products may help. Try an anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen. In addition to reducing swelling and inflammation, it can also help with pain.
  • Ice regularly. Rest and ice are most effective in limiting inflammation. Incorporate these as part of your daily routine.
  • Alter activity. Another way to increase rest is to modify daily behaviors. Standing for long amounts of time is problematic. To make bunions more bearable, changes in lifestyle may be necessary.

Non-surgical options

Bunions in Naperville, IL may demand additional treatment. Your podiatrist may recommend trying these non-surgical alternatives.

  • Take an injection. When over-the-counter options aren't strong enough, a doctor may administer a cortisone injection to reduce the pain.
  • Use an orthotic device. Any inserts or padding will help. But only custom orthotics will redirect the bones to their proper location. Your doctor can find the right device for you.

Find a bunions specialist in Naperville, IL

If you are experiencing bunion pain, visit Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley. While surgery may be necessary, this is always the last resort. Dr. Jagodzinski will construct an individualized treatment plan to provide the relief you need from bunions. In Naperville, IL, call (630) 778-7670 to schedule an appointment today.

By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
January 18, 2022
Category: Foot Care
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Heel pain is often felt throughout the bottom of your foot, often throughout the arch. You'll likely experience more pronounced symptoms in the mornings, symptoms that sometimes dissipate as you walk, but they usually return. There are steps you can take to relieve your heel pain, but you don't have to do it on your own, learn more about everything you can do to prevent the discomfort by contacting Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley, with Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski, in Naperville, IL.

Plantar Fasciitis

The ligament that runs beneath your foot, that connects the heel to the front is called the plantar fascia. It acts as a support for the arch of your foot, almost like a shock absorber. So when you feel heel pain this is the ligament that is typically affected, it's why the condition is called plantar fasciitis.

Exercise and Stretch

To prevent heel pain, one of the first things your doctor may recommend if you're carrying a few extra pounds is to lose weight. Routine exercise and better food choices can reduce your weight and relieve some of the undue stress from your heel.

To relieve the pain, if it's already present, at-home stretching exercises can also help, especially those that target your calf muscles. These exercises can assist with pain relief and recovery.

Your doctor can also prescribe physical therapy to go along with your at-home exercise, for which they can also give guidance to make sure these levels of activity will do more good than harm.

On the opposite side, they may also recommend rest if you're dealing with severe pain and you spend long hours on your feet.

Orthotic Devices

Another way to relieve stress is by using orthotic devices that your podiatrist can prescribe.

They can guide you on the right type of shoe to wear, as well as recommend devices that will support the arch of your foot. These can correct the underlying structural problems of your foot as you walk to help you relieve heel pain.

A night splint is a device you wear at night that stretches your heel as you sleep to help ease discomfort in the morning.

Heel Pain Treatment in Naperville, IL

The above recommendations can help you alleviate heel pain in a typically non-invasive way. Only when other strategies are exhausted, or your condition is severe, could your doctor recommend surgery to help with your heel pain.

Find help in managing your heel pain in Naperville, IL, with Dr. Jagodzinski of Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley by scheduling a consultation today. Make an appointment by dialing 630-778-7670.

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