Don’t Ignore Your Foot Pain

Don’t Ignore Your Foot Pain

Foot pain can occur anywhere in the foot and it can be extremely devastating to deal with. It can be difficult to walk or feel comfortable doing daily activities. If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, foot pain can compromise that and interfere with different aspects of your life. Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley in Naperville, IL, can help diagnose your foot pain and get you feeling comfortable on your feet again.

Figuring Out Your Foot Pain

Foot pain isn’t something that should be totally ignored. If you find that it’s hard to stand or participate in your normal life, you should talk to your podiatrist in Naperville, IL, about what could be causing your foot pain. Once you figure out the cause, you’ll be able to start treatment and feel whole again.

Foot pain can occur anywhere on the foot and can be caused by numerous issues. If you’re dealing with heel pain, it’s usually caused by plantar fasciitis, which can cause the foot to feel sore and tight. If it’s hard to put weight on your foot and the pain shoots up your leg, it could be the issue of a sprained ankle. You may have pain on the side of your feet from bunions or in the arch of your foot.

No matter what the pain is, it shouldn’t be ignored. When pain is ignored, it can get worse and cause further problems that can be more difficult to treat. The sooner that you address foot pain, the easier it usually is to treat.

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