Treating Your Foot Pain

Treating Your Foot Pain

Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski at Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley helps patients with foot pain in Naperville, IL. Keep reading about the common causes of foot pain, and come see us if you are in pain.

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Your feet are under a lot of pressure to get you around. They take a lot of impact every day and you're bound to have some aches and pains, especially after heavy activity. But if you're having concentrated or persistent foot pain you should see your podiatrist. Foot pain is common and can be caused by a number of conditions and injuries, including:

  • Achilles tendonitis is a common overuse injury
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions form on the side of the big toe and can be painful
  • Sprains and strains
  • Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain and is common in people who spend all day on their feet
  • Heel Spurs

These are some of our most common complaints. If you have symptoms of any of these conditions or pain in your foot your podiatrist in Naperville, IL can help.

Treating Your Foot Pain

Treating foot pain in Naperville, IL, begins with a comprehensive exam. If you've never seen a podiatrist we will ask about your family's medical history, so come to the appointment with as much information as you can. Your podiatrist may ask to see your shoes, so wear or bring the ones you use most often.

Doctor's recommendations will depend on your diagnosis. If you are in pain while walking, your doctor will likely recommend changing your footwear to something comfortable with a supportive arch and large toe box. Restrictive footwear can cause foot pain and bunions.

Custom foot orthotics worn in the shoes help align the bones in your foot as you walk to relieve pain. Physical therapy to stretch and strengthen your feet could be another recommendation. Sometimes surgery is recommended to repair fractures or remove a large bunion. We will find the right solution for you to get you back on your feet and feeling your best.

Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley is here for you when you're suffering from foot pain in Naperville, IL. To make an appointment with Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski, contact us at (630) 778-7670.

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