Preventing and Treating Athlete's Foot
By Ankle & Foot Center of Fox Valley
August 23, 2018
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Are you having a little trouble getting rid of athlete's foot? The common fungal infection can be stubborn and doesn't always clear up with home treatment. Fortunately, taking steps to reduce your risk of a new infection and paying a visit to the podiatrist can be helpful. Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski, Naperville, IL, foot doctor, helps her patients get rid of itchy, uncomfortable athlete's foot with effective treatment options.

How is athlete's foot treated?

You'll find a variety of topical anti-fungal medications in the foot care aisle of Naperville area drug stores. Using these products daily can kill the fungus that causes athlete's foot and relieve your symptoms. Your foot doctor may recommend stronger, prescription-strength anti-fungal medications if over-the-counter products aren't helpful. If your fungus doesn't clear up, oral anti-fungal medication may be needed.

What can I do to prevent another infection?

It's important to identify the risk factors that might have led to your infection. Common athlete's foot risk factors include:

  • Going Barefoot in Public Places: Do you wear shower shoes or sandals in public locker rooms and shower rooms, or when you visit the local pool? Adding shoes to your gym or pool bag can help you avoid contact with the fungus.
  • Sweaty Feet: Fungi multiply rapidly in moist, dark conditions. If your feet sweat heavily when you wear shoes, it may be difficult to prevent frequent athlete's foot infections. Spray your feet with foot powder before you put on your socks, and consider changing into a dry pair of socks during the day.
  • Wearing the Same Shoes Every Day: Sweat becomes trapped under the innersoles of your shoes. If you wear the same shoes every day, perspiration never dries, making your shoes a very hospitable place for fungus.
  • A Friend or Family Member with a Fungal Infection: You and your friends or family members may be sharing a fungal infection. If you use the same sheets, towels or washcloths as someone with athlete's foot, you may soon catch the fungus. If you can't avoid sharing sheets, wear socks to bed, or ask the other person to wear socks to prevent spreading the fungus.
  • Washing Clothes in Cold Water: The athlete's foot fungus may survive a trip through the washer if you only use cold water. Use hot water (at least 140F) to kill the fungus on clothing, socks, towels, bathmats, washcloths, sheets and other items.

Do you suffer from frequent athlete's foot infections? Call Dr. Nancy Jagodzinski, Naperville, IL, foot doctor, at (630) 778-7670 to schedule an appointment.


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